About us

About us

Persistent Strategies

Persistent Strategies specializes in health projects consultancies as well as supply, marketing, communication and Project management. We enable our clients to undertake projects planning and  formulations alongside needed expertise to successfully carry out project executions on the field.

Through our enhanced consultancy services in public health, we have helped countless stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, private sector, government bodies as well as communities maximize project impacts to people they serve.  

 Again, we support our clients with Technical Assistance across many areas of public health sub-sectors, including Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Quality Assessment (DQA) and supply of medical equipment and consumables to support desired project outcomes

Public Health and Community Safety

Our Mission Our Vission Our Coe Values

“We provide health services consultancy and medical supplies to small, medium and large institutions with a view to transforms public health sector experiences for betterment of communities. We are committed to timely delivery of quality services and products that are based on extensive research and development from our team of experts."

“To become the leading and most reliable partner in Health Service Consultancy as well as health products supplier in Tanzanian market and beyond; A partner of first choice to deliver projects that consistently meets both national and international standards through innovative solutions in all areas of health consultancies, supplies, marketing, communication and project management approaches."

Reliability, Loyalty , Commitment, Efficiency , Team Work, Creativity and Integrity

Life for every one


Ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals No. 3

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