Dr Fredrick J. Weinand

Dr Fredrick J. Weinand

Occupational Medicine specialist,
  • fredrick@ps.co.tz
  • Dar es salaam - Tanzania

MD, MSc Occ Med,MMed Occ Med, FCPHM-Occ Med

Dr Weinand is a qualified occupational medicine consultant from Stellenbosch University, where he earned his master’s of Medicine in Occupational Health. He also earned his MSc in Occupational Medicine from University of Manchester.

He has a huge background working in the large-scale mining industry in Tanzania for over five years, and I am again looking forward to working in the mining field in Tanzania, as this has his area of expertise and a place where he has seen maximum impact while serving communities and realizing his career goals.

Dr Weinand is passionate about management and conducting research related to occupational lung diseases, especially in the mining field. He has always added value his country, Tanzania, by participating in policy formulation, research and legislative framework regarding occupational health.

Prior to this huge experience, Dr Weinand earned his bachelor degree in medicine from Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences and FCPHM-Occ Medicine from the college of medicine of South Africa.