Mr. Dominic Nduwayo Mzonya

Mr. Dominic Nduwayo Mzonya

Finance, Auditor and Tax specialist
  • Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Nduwayo Mzonya is an expert in accounting, tax, risk management and finance, particularly access to finance for SME’S and Corporate entities.


As a certified risk specialist and advisor, He has worked with the corporate sector as well as financial institutions in Tanzania and Kenya, roles that enabled him to understand processes and align them with the broader organizational objectives while maintaining operational control.


Nduwayo has worked with International NGOs such as USAID for the Feed the future Tanzania Enabling Growth through Investment and Enterprise (ENGINE) program as Business Development Service Provider in areas of access to finance and agriculture financing. He has undergone several trainings and is certified by USAID as access to finance and agriculture financing expert. Nduwayo has also worked on different roles and he is currently working with European Union for Agri connect Program of Generation Food for Accelerator as a Consultant. This role has exposed Nduwayo to the culture, working environment and compliance of International Donor funded projects.


Currently, Nduwayo is a Director of Finance for African Community Advancement Initiative and also Regional Accountant at the Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA), Songwe Region, the roles that has exposed him to the intricate workings of public sector / non-profit accounting and reporting. He holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Post graduate Diploma in Economic Diplomacy from Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for foreign relations. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree of Science in Accounting and Finance and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams which are both in their final stage. He is the member of both local and International Professional Bodies which includes National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)

 For a long time, he has been involved in youth activism in Tanzania, serving leadership roles in a few organizations such as University Government of Student’s Organization where he served as Secretary General. He is also the founder and first vice president of the Tanzania Association of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Students

Nduwayo is passionate about development and keen to participate in community driven initiatives. For instance, he brought his considerable networking skills to help the Ileje District council start its local radio station, which he had volunteered as an accountant and marketing manager. He has also worked with the Prevention and Combat of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to raise awareness of the ills of corruption in public schools with the view of inculcating integrity early on in our young people.

He has delivered several public lectures in universities and secondary schools. A hardworking team player, he is committed to meeting organizational objectives and making a real difference. His varied experience means that he can easily adapt to varying circumstances and fit into teams while making a valuable contribution.