Provision of Technical assistance TA

While delivering Technical Assistance, we provide targeted support to our client organizations with special focus on a development need or problem they are facing. We focus on what works so that we effectively build the capacity of our clients as they deliver on a given project(s).

Our TA services involves communication between a specialist or consultant from our side and the organizations we are supporting.  Our specialists are usually aware of the organizational culture and any specific circumstances related to the development need of our clients.

We always ensure that our TA services are 1) Collaborative. Work jointly with the organization’s staff to identify underlying needs. 2) Systematic. Use an orderly approach.  3) Targeted. Determine where technical assistance will have the greatest impact. 4) Adaptive. Be flexible. 5) Customized. Respond to the unique needs of the organization. 6) Results-driven. Identify measures that indicate improvement. The structure of how technical assistance is delivered varies. It can be one-on-one consultation or smallgroup facilitation (also known as coaching or mentoring).

 Along with the above TA services, we ensure Health systems strengthening and Stakeholders’ engagement throughout the process.

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